How it works

How It Works 

Jewellery Marketplace is what it says on the tin, a marketplace for a UK jeweller to promote their business or/and to sell their jewellery products.

We welcome UK registered companies selling or making jewellery to register as a vendors or advertisers providing they do have a brick-and-mortar shop in the UK. Each vendor on Jewellery Marketplace has it's own customisable ecommerce website that the jeweller can use to list products for sale online or in-store only.

Who can sell on Jewellery Marketplace

Any UK jeweller can start selling on Jewellery Marketplace regardless if he or she has own website or other outlets. Sellers must fill out a seller registration form. We just require the seller to be in the UK as we will not accept drop shipping type accounts. 

How long does it take to set up shop at Jewellery Marketplace? 

As long as filling up a form. Most setting up is simply giving out information about your business so visitors can verify that it is really you, a trusted jewellery shop. You will be able to upload your own graphics to make your shop look yours and enter your business description to attract visitors to buy from you. 

How long does it take to list an item on Jewellery Marketplace? 

As long as it take to fill out a product information page. You need to describe each product in detail. If you already have a website you might want to copy your description over by copy/paste.  An average manual listing takes on average less than 60 seconds for seller who had listed 10 or more product on Jewellery Marketplace. The more you add the easier it gets. 

Can I add a excel list of products instead of adding them manually? 

Of course. Imagine adding 500 one by one. On Jewellery Marketplace it is simple. Add your first product manually ensuring you are filing out all related values. Download a product file from your dashboard and use as a template. Once you have copied all your products to the template upload it from the dashboard.  

Ecommerce and the internet has come a long way 

That's why each vendor has it's own account manager, a dedicated marketplace genius who will be there for you for the duration of your membership and not just for the first 14 days. Our teams will help you to go through forms, shop setup and product listing as well as any other account enquiry. 

Front page of result placement 

Jewellery Marketplace if one of the most popular jewellery website. Most sites need to buy ads to be on top of search engine results while Jewellery Marketplace has earned it's top position organically. This is the most valuable position and it is due to relevancy of our site as well as the quality of the technology used to run it. 

When you open a shop on Jewellery Marketplace we will promote your shop with our own lead. You must upload at least 15 products and it should take no more than 24 hours before your website on Jewellery Marketplace appears on the first page of search engine results.  

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