raspiPBX3 - Micro IP PBX Office Phone System


Pre-configured raspiPBX3 IP PBX ready to be plugged in and set up in your office. 

A little box in your home office that once you start using it you won't be able to imagine how have you done without it. 

Multiple shops in the UK? Workshop in Thailand or other country? If you are till using conventional phones you should probably take time to read on. 

Our latest raspiPBX3 has latest quad core processor, 1GB of RAM and can handle up to 16 simultaneous calls at once. Can your land line do this? You might own a factory in Thailand and have a manager there you call regularly but the costs may be mounting up. What about if you have 2,3 or more shops and want just one universal number and have a caller to choose which shop or what department they want to speak to? raspiPBX3 offers that capabilities and a whole lot more. If you have used old fashioned PBX system, this is a serious step into the future of communication. If you never used PBX you will love this one.  

A lot of efforts go into promoting a business so after spending a year advertising your business you do not want to suddenly start changing your numbers as this usually means loss of sales. By choosing an IP PBX this problem is no longer of any concern as regardless of where the offices are, the number remains the same. Over the last few years we were researching VoIP software and hardware and was looking to introduce this to technology much wider audience but prohibitive costs and regular costly maintenance was always an obstacle that a small or medium size company would never be able to overcome. With the rollout of the latest ARM Cortex-A53 processor we have been able to successfully test 16 lines set up. That is major improvement to our previous raspiPBX1 based on ARM11 processor that was able to handle just 4 calls. With raspiPBX3 you have the set up of a professional and growing company and ability to build on by adding custom functionalities unique to your business. Unlike fixed analogue PBX raspiPBX3 is fully customisable. With access to free and paid modules you can build a powerful call management system for a fraction of the price. Only few years ago you would have to have a budget of over £200,000.00 to implement a similar system. Today, comparing to few years ago, you can get it for a spare change. When you plug the system in, you will need to enter your provirers login information for your trunks. We will send you detailed instruction with your IP PBX what to do step by step so you can be ready in 15 minutes to make and receive calls. You will need an IP phones or you can just add an analog line adaptor to connect your old phone to the system.

What raspiPBX3 is ideal for:
- A start up company (changing office soon? no worries you'll still have the same number)
- Company with low call volume (4-6 simultaneous calls)
- Web developers 
- Teleworkers 
- Online shops 
- Shops and Offices 
- Plumbers (Mobile numbers aren't always popular with clients. Given the choice people will lean towards calling a land line as it usually means more it's a more established business.) 
- Electricians
- Home workers (maybe you do not want to give out your home number and want a separate number for work. This is it)
- Small businesses - perfect
- Bloggers - very useful as you may want to create fun things for your followers when they call your blog number and make money if you own a premium rate number 
- Anyone who does not want endless sales calls coming at any time of day or night.

Here is a list of features we install for you by default on your new raspiPBX3.
In most cases start up version is just perfect and might have more than you will ever use or need.  It will also be ready to plug in and use out of the box. 

- UK landline number capability (we will recommend a carrier and request config details to complete the setup)
- Automatic call attendant ( it is the recording that greet callers, like the one we have and can be recorded using your extension or you can upload studio created MP3 file.)
- Set your office opening hours so callers can hear greetings based on time of day, month or year, etc.
- Extension groups. (if you have sales team, support or other you can set only those extensions to ring based on callers choice.)
- Add as many IP Extensions as you need. (raspiPBX3 was tested successfully with 16 simultaneous calls but should not be used for this volume of calls for too long due to possible overeating)  
- Queues. (To best deal with the growing demand for your service queues are installed and configured.
- IVR (Enabled not configured. Can be configured, on request, free of charge. This helps your callers choose the department they want to talk to. I.ei: For sales press 1 for repairs press 2, etc...)
- Automatic Call Recorder (by default, your system is set to record all calls. If you want to listen to your calls log in to raspiPBX3 web user interface and click on the call you want to playback in your browser.)
- Voice mail with browser access from your device or via your handset. 
- Call transfer 
- Conferences
(one conference room is set up by default. More can be added by user)
- Call block (you can blacklist a number so it won’t ring your extensions.)
- Web user interface (access all system's features from your device.)
- System status in your browser (log in from your device to see system's status)
- Itemised call log with play call feature
- Wake up calls
- Caller ID Display 
- Speaking clock
- 1 Linksys Analogue Extensions Module (ready to plug your analogue phone
- Spare back up SD card. (For maximum peace of mind we include emergency SD card. You'll probably never need to use it but it's just in case.) 
- 14 days money back guarantee 
- Free 30 days online or telephone support to help you get started 

What are the advantages?

- Line never engaged.
Unlike with conventional or old fashioned systems where if you are on call no other callers can get through and your second caller hears engaged tone this will no longer be the case. Not only your raspiPBX3 can handle more than 1 incoming call it will manage any additional callers. When you are on the phone and another caller calls in, second and any consequent call will be placed in a queue. The queuing system will manage calls and ensures they are answered in order they were received. Callers are also played a message informing them of the position in the queue and the estimated answer time. Never lose a sale and show your customer how professional you are.

- Flexibility of choice and cost effective.
With raspiPBX3 you have the opportunity to use various carriers. Example of a carrier is BT, TalkTalk, Orange, etc. Our recommended carriers are a lot cheaper than BT.
This PBX is preconfigured for 2 carriers that we have specially selected based on value for money and use. Additional setup will be £20 and should allow you to make calls for the next 6 months without worrying about costs. Our recommended carriers work on top up basis so you won't go over what you put in. No more surprise bills. Usually £10 top up adds 180 days of Free call to landlines during which land line calls are free. Based on our chosen carrier Fair Usage Policy you may use 900 minutes per month. If you exceed FUP calls will be billed at £0.01/min. After 180 days calls will be billed (UK £0.01ppm) and the remaining balance will be used. (Unusually £10 top up lasts up to 6-8 months for UK landline calls. For mobile calls trunk 2 is setup and configured. raspiPBX3 chooses cheapest trunk based on a number dialled.)

- Independence from your local exchange.
Your raspiPBX3 is independent of your local exchange and does not require a phone line. In fact all you need to make a use of it is a stable internet connection. If your broadband speed is 2Mbps you can enjoy call quality as you would expect from a regular phone.

- Geo Mobility.
When your business grows and you finally move to your new office, maybe even in a different area code, you would normally lose your old land line number and your customers. Not only that, you would have to spend vast amounts of money to print new stationery, send letters to clients informing them of number change or call every one and home they will make a note. No such nonsense here. When you move to a new location, a different area code or maybe even to different country, your number will remain the same. Literally all you have to do is to unplug your raspiPBX3 from your old office, plug in to the router at your new location, configure the router to work with raspiPBX3 and that is it.

- Automatic attendant IVR.
Each time you call utility or cable company you hear a menu and you have to chose using the keypad the option that you are calling about. This enormous feature is now included in raspiPBX3. You can record greetings and create menu so callers are directed to the designated destination. It is not normally configured but it is pre-installed for future use. Let us know if you need this feature configured before we send the system out to you.

- Queuing system extension.
Whenever you are on the phone with this raspiPBX3 any additional callers can be placed in the queue. The queue will keep order of callers so they are answered by agent based on order of call. Queue advantage is having callers connected and reassured that their call will be answered. Conventional lines often get engaged and callers are frustrated hearing engaged tone. Queuing system eradicates this problem.

- Ring groups extension.
Less advanced than Queuing system. Mostly used in households that have a phone installed in every room. Incoming call is placed in a call group. Call group consists of extension numbers. You can choose to ring all extensions at once.

- Call transfer.
You can transfer caller to any extension of your co-workers or to ring groups, queues, automatic attendants and external numbers.

- Office Hours and Outside office hours behaviour
Essential feature for any professional business. It allows you to set times when you want calls to be answered. By default the system is set to open from 9-5 Monday to Saturday. Outside those hours calls go to voice mail. This can be changed to your preferences. You can request to set it up for you at no extra cost or change it from your control panel.

- Use at home in your very busy household. Let’s say you have a sales, repairs and design departments.  You don’t want to waste your design team time answering sales calls and vice versa. Interactive IVR module installed on raspiPBX3 can help to manage this call flow. Just set up a menu IVR and callers will be asked to press a relevant number of a department.  Then only phones in that department will ring leaving others to continue their work uninterrupted.

- Low cost & low power consumption
Your raspiPBX3 is powered by mains USB adapter producing 2.5Amps of 5 Volt power. This significantly reduces running cost comparing with full size servers and delivers quantifiable savings. raspiPBX3 is our low cost solution but in no means any worse than our enterprise solutions that start from £3,500. Low cost does not mean low quality. Enterprise systems are built for large scale call centres as expected in busy corporations with hundreds of extensions such as banks and call centres. raspiPBX3 has been tested with 16 simultaneous calls but if you have high volume you might want to call us and ask about enterprise solutions.

- Small factor.
No additional room is required and there is no nose from fans. We recommend using ample space by your router or switch so it's neatly tucked away safe and cool.

- Open to configuration.
Although the system comes pre-configured with all essential features, you can create your own features using existing plans as your templates. So if you want to add more extensions to pre-configured 1, all you have to do is use existing extension as your template and simply add few extension details such as name number and password.

Optional Extras you may want to add in the future 

- Remote Extension feature (Optional extra, requires DYN DNS and compatible router)
This feature is an optional extra and comes as an service upgrade package and might not always be compatible with your router. What it does is amazing. If you have agents in other cities or countries and make and receive calls from them regularly, with this feature you can grant them an extension number. Most smartphones now have a variety of apps that are compatible with IP PBX systems like raspiPBX3 however additional internet service, compatible modem and mobile phone data is required to register and use the extension. Calls between extensions are obviously free as it is you who owns the network. Popular with traders and developers working from exotic locations. Now your factory in Thailand can be one of your extensions. Say good bye to expensive international calls. Now the office in Thailand is part of your own office phone network and you can call it free. 

- Analog Line adaptor (Optional extra require additional device and configuration. Item:RASPI PBX + 1 Analog Line adapter) 
What an analog adapter does is simply allows you to connect any old analog phone to your new system. If you do not have any IP phones it is strongly recommended you to add this adaptor to make a use of the IP PBX with traditional phones. In this set up you can connect 1 regular phone. (+ any number of IP phones)

- Land Line pass through (Optional extra, require additional device and configuration. Item: RASPI PBX + 1 Analog Line adapter + pass through) 
If you would still like to keep your old number but run it through the raspiPBX3 so calls from all lines can be answered with just one analogue phone. This is great if you want to phase out your old number. You can record personalised greeting asking customers to use your new number before you let the call to the system to be answered. Let your customers know you are growing and becoming more professional. Pass through adaptor also has 1 analog out. In this set up you can connect 1 BT type line into the IP PBX and 2 regular phones. (+ any number of IP phones)

raspiPBX3 technical specification

  • Broadcom BCM2837 chipset running at 1.2 GHz
  • 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth 4.1 (Classic & Low Energy)
  • Dual core Videocore IV® Multimedia co-processor
  • 1 GB LPDDR2 memory
  • microUSB connector for 2.5 A power supply
  • 1 x 10/100 Ethernet port
  • 1 x HDMI video/audio connector
  • 1 x RCA video/audio connector
  • 4 x USB 2.0 ports
  • Chip antenna
  • microSD card slot 

All in a nice black PP case 

Linksys SPA1001 FXS technical features  

  • Very compact and ideal for home and office use
  • The SPA-1001 features one RJ-11 POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) port for connection to existing analogue phone
  • The SPA-1001 includes an Ethernet interface for connection to your router

What's in the box? 

Choise 1 - IP PBX

  1. Your new raspiPBX3 in black case
  2. raspiPBX3 compatible 2.5A 5V black power adapter 
  3. 2 x 1m LAN cable 
  4. Main preconfigured system on 32GB microSD card 
  5. Backup preconfigured system on 32GB microSD card + SD Card adaptor
  6. Quick set up instruction 

Choise 2 - IP PBX + 1 Analog Line adaptor

  1. Your new raspiPBX3 in black case
  2. raspiPBX3 compatible 2.5A 5V black power adapter 
  3. 2 x 1m LAN cable 
  4. Main preconfigured system on 32GB microSD card 
  5. Backup preconfigured system on 32GB microSD card + SD Card adaptor
  6. Quick set up instruction 
  7. Linksys analogue 1 line adaptor 
  8. Linksys compatible power adapter 

Choise 3 -​IP PBX + 1 in /1 out adaptor 

  1. Your new raspiPBX3 in black case
  2. raspiPBX3 compatible 2.5A 5V black power adapter 
  3. 2 x 1m LAN cable 
  4. Main preconfigured system on 32GB microSD card 
  5. Backup preconfigured system on 32GB microSD card + SD Card adaptor
  6. Quick set up instruction 
  7. Linksys Sipura 
  8. Linksys Sipura compatible power adapter 

Choise 4 -​IP PBX + 1 Analog Line adaptor + 1 in /1 out adaptor 

  1. Your new raspiPBX3 in black case
  2. raspiPBX3 compatible 2.5A 5V black power adapter 
  3. 2 x 1m LAN cable 
  4. Main preconfigured system on 32GB microSD card 
  5. Backup preconfigured system on 32GB microSD card + SD Card adaptor
  6. Quick set up instruction 
  7. Linksys analogue 1 line adaptor 
  8. Linksys compatible power adapter 
  9. Linksys Sipura 
  10. Linksys Sipura compatible power adapter 

    Please call us now on 01204 895 514 to discuss your needs and ensure this is the system for you. We may also offer other configurations to find suitable solution for your business.  If you choose not to contact us we will send pre-configured system. You will have to enter your carriers details from your admin panel page. Instructions will be provided.

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